The American Southwest (as of 12.04.15)

 The Bisti Badlands, UT
 Outside Tucson, AZ
 Arches Nat’l Park, UT
 The Balanced Rock, see me for scale?
 White Sands, NM
 View from the Hoover Dam
 The Very Large Array, radio telescope, NM
 After 5 years of nocturnal photography, I finally got a chance to play with lightning, thanks White Sands
Sedona, AZ 
 The most phallic image I’ve ever taken…
 Back in Bisti
West Fork trail, Sedona, AZ 

Hope this view was worth it, shortly after an 80 mph wind gust decided to topple and shatter one of my cameras into half a dozen pieces… 

Cathedral Rock, Sedona, AZ 
 Painted landscape, high atop a mountain in Arches
 Power grid at Hoover Dam

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