Roadtrippin’ USA – Part 1 of ??

I recently headed home for the holidays, and as I’ve always loved a good road trip, packed up the car with my buddy Wes and headed east for Pennsylvania.  I’ve since travelled 11,000 miles and taken 2 months on the road and already made the journey home, but I’ve been bad about blogging.  The first few images I’ve posted below, but will have much more soon to follow as soon as I develop my film.  Stay tuned!
 Hamilton Pool near Austin, Texas
 Wes looking pensive in Great Dunes Nat’l Park, Colorado
 A long journey ahead, Great Dunes..
 A fantastic park with crazy amounts of diverse landscapes, Capitol Reef Park, Utah
Fall frozen under early ice 
A hydroelectric power plant, Colorado maybe? 
 Near Gypsum, Colorado
Year another long journey ahead, Wes at Great Dunes..

One thought on “Roadtrippin’ USA – Part 1 of ??

  1. As usual amazing photographs Mr. Suhrie. Wish I could have been there with ya. Hope you're happy and healthy. Best wishes always on your quest through life. May the journey continue to be unforgettable. Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments with the world. xo


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