Northwest 6X6 & Washington State Leftovers

Finally finished scanning film from my recent Northwest adventures, you may see some shots you recognize from previous posts, but I always like the analog feel over the digital stuff I post from the road.  Enjoy!


the Wanderer

As mentioned in Dr. Wolf’s essay in my previous post, Caspar David Friedrich has been a big influence on my work lately.  I’ve been shooting a series of self-portraits (mostly) entitled “the Wanderer”, inspired by many of his Romantic landscapes, below is a slice from that series.  Apologies if you’ve seem some of these in my recent European posts, but I was of course exponentially inspired while roaming around Friedrich’s homeland.  Thanks to Magdalene, Wes and Tiffany in help in creating some of these.  Enjoy!

Deutschland (as.of.11.09.17)

 Love the Autobahn, I would have taken a pic when I hit 250, but that didn’t seem safe.
 Wait, I went to Oktoberfest?  I don’t remember that.
 My hotel on left, my office on the right.
 Wild mustard, unmistakable in the air.
Butterfly with peace signs on its back, battalus pacifist.  
 “The Wave”, river surfing in Munich.
 At the Mercedes secret test facility, shhh…
Yeah, they’re Carl Zeiss headlights…
Good Night.