Gone but Not Forgotten Part 1

I just launched a brand new website (www.garretsuhrie.com), and have streamlined the portfolios and added an archive section to catalog my travels over the years.  But in the editing process, I’ve had to cut a ton of images, so instead of them just sitting dormant on my hard drive never to be heard from again, thought I’d put up a couple posts so that they might find a home
A quaint trail high above Innsbruck, Austria 
 Flowery meadows outside Latsche, Switzerland
 Grassy fields in the Hoh Rainforest, Washington
 Latourell Falls, Or
 Mont Sant-Michel, France
 Hilltop church, Greece
 Mono Lake, eastern Sierras, Ca
 Red Rocks, Ca
 Meteora, Greece
 Meteora, Greece
 Wanderer waiting for the sun to rise, Greece
 Fellow wanderer, Meteora, Greece
 Foggy Night, Downtown, LA
 Rhinefall, Switzerland
 Coachella, Ca
 Ocean Spires, Or
 I have no clue where I was for this one!
 Devil’s Chasm, Or
 LaChapelle diving in Hawaii
 Palm Springs, Ca
 Susquehanna Ice Flow, Pa
 Sugar cane production, Maui
 Pyramid of the Sun and Moon, Mexico
 Downtown LA
 Random lake in Switzerland
 Mont Sant-Michel
 Lovely road in Netherlands
 Above Genoa, Italy and the White House, Canyon de Chelley
 Mossy Falls, Germany
 Regrowth, Germany
 View from God, Switzerland
 Lazy Seine, France
 Puddle jumper along Maui coastline
 High up in Austria
Raindrops are falling on window

the Wanderer

As mentioned in Dr. Wolf’s essay in my previous post, Caspar David Friedrich has been a big influence on my work lately.  I’ve been shooting a series of self-portraits (mostly) entitled “the Wanderer”, inspired by many of his Romantic landscapes, below is a slice from that series.  Apologies if you’ve seem some of these in my recent European posts, but I was of course exponentially inspired while roaming around Friedrich’s homeland.  Thanks to Magdalene, Wes and Tiffany in help in creating some of these.  Enjoy!