Random Roadtripping Pt. 1

I’m going to be playing catchup with the next few posts.  Finally got around to working a bunch of images from some wandering around I did last year, I just kept on traveling and was so busy shooting I never found time to work the backlog.  

 A foggy night at the Umpqua Lighthouse, Oregon
 An old dancehall in an abandoned amusement park, Central PA
 A few from Crater Lake, OR
 Many forest fires raging through SW Washington
 Lighting flashes as the clouds open up an isolated rainstorm
 Crop burns and hundred of geese coming in for a landing
 High atop the Columbia River Valley, OR
 Striated land shows just how series the drought has become in Southern California
 My buddy Banks perched atop Sequoia’s infamous Mono Rock
 The ascent up Mono Rock
 Just down the other side of the Sierra’s are the strange tufa formations of Mono Lake
 QueensBridge’s Finest
My favorite barn in the Palouse, WA

La Città Eterna in un giorno – Roma, Italia (as of 11.10.02)

Where’s Waldo?

Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini
4,000 friars dug up to decorate, I suppose stranger things have been done in god’s name…

Quattro Fontane, Via XX Settembre

 Taking a bath after a long drive …

 and visiting some nostalgic spots, my old flat on Via Cernaia and the world’s best pizza, Mondo Arancina.

 The strange Goethe statue on Corso d’Italia in Borghese Gardens

 Piazza del Popolo

 Piazza della Repubblica
 Senatus Populusque Romanus

I suppose its fitting to end where it all began, Santa Maria in Trestevere.