Bonneville Salt Flats

Two hours west of Salt Lake City lies Bonneville salt flats.  I have visited this area numerous times, though until this trip I’d always found a just a dry lake bed as far as the eye could see (which is beautiful in its own right)  Though this time, I guess because I was a little closer to winter, a inch of water floated slowly along the surface, creating mirror that stretched to the horizon.  I spent 3 days watching the light change over the fantastic scene.  


Coyote Butte & the Vermillion Cliffs

The infamous Horseshoe Bend near Page, Az.  Thanks to whoever the adventurous kayaker was giving me the nice campfire light to illuminate the canyon from within.  
This is by far one of the most surreal and serene landscapes I’ve ever encountered.  Called the Wave for obvious reasons, its hidden in the Coyote Butte wilderness area, a decent 7 mile hike through a hot desert.  The best part about it, the BLM is super tight on permits, so only 10 groups are allowed a day, so you get this fantastic alien landscape almost entirely to yourself, I started hiking at sunrise and returned just after sundown, and only encountered 3 people all day.  If you’re ever in northern Az, put this place on your short list!

10,000′ Up to 200′ Below – White Mountains to Death Valley

 At 10,000 feet up in the White mountains, high above the tree line, these ancient bristlecone pines have been documented to live up 5,000+ years, making them the world’s oldest living organism.   
 After running around through the Inyo forest for awhile, I headed down into the Eureka Valley, 
to visit the tallest sand dunes in the US, looming 700 ft over the dry lake they inhabit.
 The Racetrack Playa in Death Valley, unfortunately, the strange phenomena that occurs here with the sailing stones is nearly at an end due to assholes stealing souvenirs.
A long road home….

Roadtrippin’ USA – Part 1 of ??

I recently headed home for the holidays, and as I’ve always loved a good road trip, packed up the car with my buddy Wes and headed east for Pennsylvania.  I’ve since travelled 11,000 miles and taken 2 months on the road and already made the journey home, but I’ve been bad about blogging.  The first few images I’ve posted below, but will have much more soon to follow as soon as I develop my film.  Stay tuned!
 Hamilton Pool near Austin, Texas
 Wes looking pensive in Great Dunes Nat’l Park, Colorado
 A long journey ahead, Great Dunes..
 A fantastic park with crazy amounts of diverse landscapes, Capitol Reef Park, Utah
Fall frozen under early ice 
A hydroelectric power plant, Colorado maybe? 
 Near Gypsum, Colorado
Year another long journey ahead, Wes at Great Dunes..

The American Southwest (as of 12.04.15)

 The Bisti Badlands, UT
 Outside Tucson, AZ
 Arches Nat’l Park, UT
 The Balanced Rock, see me for scale?
 White Sands, NM
 View from the Hoover Dam
 The Very Large Array, radio telescope, NM
 After 5 years of nocturnal photography, I finally got a chance to play with lightning, thanks White Sands
Sedona, AZ 
 The most phallic image I’ve ever taken…
 Back in Bisti
West Fork trail, Sedona, AZ 

Hope this view was worth it, shortly after an 80 mph wind gust decided to topple and shatter one of my cameras into half a dozen pieces… 

Cathedral Rock, Sedona, AZ 
 Painted landscape, high atop a mountain in Arches
 Power grid at Hoover Dam