Hatcher Pass, AK in Autumn

Amazing how much a few months can change a place.  This is the same mountain pass from the previous post.  Definitely a different feel from when its not encased in 10 feet of snow, and made for a much more enjoyable hiking.


Not sure where the pooch came from, but it was nice to have some company for bit til she trotted off down the mountain.


I found her people but she went off exploring the mountain on her own.  I need a mountain dog…


This guy’s got alpine travel figured out.  I think when my knee finally goes I’m gonna go this route.


Sketchy crossings,  no problem for the slow and steady…



Autumn found in pockets amongst the pine.  There were also entire mountainsides which were a blanket of yellow birch and spruce.



I’d been on the road for a week at this point, and hadn’t found a shower in awhile.  This is me, debating whether to brave the cold and take a bath in this lovely little alpine lake… Frigid but completely worth it.



11_GMS3977 (1)

Nice little ptarmigan, funny little birds and not in the least bit shy.

12_GMS3989 (1)





Down on the Bayou – Lake Caddo, Texas

Wow, can’t believe how far I’ve fallen behind.  Haven’t posted a thing in ages.  I have two cross-country trips and an Icelandic adventure to catch up on.  I’ll get busy and pump out the posts!  To start off, some images from a lazy afternoon canoeing around Lake Caddo on the Texas / Louisiana border.  

Rainforest Alliance – need your help!

I need your help!!  I’m in the running for a contest hosted by the Rainfort Alliance, the prizes being a trip to Costa Rico or an underwater camera, so would love your support!  Please visit http://my.rainforest-alliance.org/site/PageNavigator/photocontest2013_vote.html and vote on your favorites. If mine happen to be your favorite, even better!  Ps.  I’ve got 4 images in the fight….

Forest category: 
 Adventure Tourism category:
Water category:
Many thanks!!!!

Washington State (as of 12.06.11)

I’ve been wandering Washington State for the last two weeks, from the Olympic Pennisula to the Palouse on its eastern edge, this is a pretty fantastic place.  
 Kessner Homestead, Quinault Forest
 Ranch at the Palouse
 Hoh Rainforest
Have never seen nights this clear before. 
 Lake Quinault, Olympic Rainforest
 Northern Spotted Owl
 Great Blue Heron
 Second Beach, La Push
 Mt. Rainier
First Beach, La Push 
 Cape Kiwanda
 Hoh Rainforest
 Quinault Rainforest
 Rialto Beach
 Palouse Falls
 Kessner Homestead
Thou mayest. 
 First Beach
 Near Forks
 Near Cottonwood
 Lagoon at Hoh
Eastern State 
Second Beach 
Rialto Beach 
The plants are all underwater, lagoon at Quinault
 Hoh Trail towards Mt. Olympia
 Ranch at the Palouse
 First Beach
So the moon is fading, think I’ll spend some time in Seattle and get in a bit of civilization awhile, then start working my way back down south…

Deutschland (as.of.11.09.17)

 Love the Autobahn, I would have taken a pic when I hit 250, but that didn’t seem safe.
 Wait, I went to Oktoberfest?  I don’t remember that.
 My hotel on left, my office on the right.
 Wild mustard, unmistakable in the air.
Butterfly with peace signs on its back, battalus pacifist.  
 “The Wave”, river surfing in Munich.
 At the Mercedes secret test facility, shhh…
Yeah, they’re Carl Zeiss headlights…
Good Night.

Euro Trippin’ Round 1

A month on the road, 14.000 km covered through 7 countries, $4000 damage to the rental car and 50 rolls of film later, I present the first batch of 6X6 scans from my recent wanderings though Europe.  Just a few of the highlights from a wonderful adventure, check back soon as more detailed posts of specific regions will shortly follow!

A shipwreck in Peloponessos, Greece
  The Seine in misc. towns, France
 Mossy forest over Innsbruck, Austria
 Mossy falls near Karlsruhe, Germany
 ‘The Wave’ – River surfing in Munich
 Mont Saint-Michel, France
 Back in Gythio, Greece
 Forests surrounding Stuttgart, Germany
 Eastern shore of Italy, near Bari if memory serves me
These structures were dotting the northern coast of Lefkada, Greece
Ruins above Garmisch, Germany
 Castle of Brest, France
 Just a strange rotting condo complex in the middle of nowhere, Italy
The monasteries and nunneries of Meteora, Greece
 Lago di Garda, northern Italy
The Rialto, Venezia 
 Windmills near Rotterdam, Netherlands
 A fallen forest of birch in the Netherlands
Vineyards near Roverto, Italy