Deutschland (as.of.11.09.17)

 Love the Autobahn, I would have taken a pic when I hit 250, but that didn’t seem safe.
 Wait, I went to Oktoberfest?  I don’t remember that.
 My hotel on left, my office on the right.
 Wild mustard, unmistakable in the air.
Butterfly with peace signs on its back, battalus pacifist.  
 “The Wave”, river surfing in Munich.
 At the Mercedes secret test facility, shhh…
Yeah, they’re Carl Zeiss headlights…
Good Night.

La Città Eterna in un giorno – Roma, Italia (as of 11.10.02)

Where’s Waldo?

Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini
4,000 friars dug up to decorate, I suppose stranger things have been done in god’s name…

Quattro Fontane, Via XX Settembre

 Taking a bath after a long drive …

 and visiting some nostalgic spots, my old flat on Via Cernaia and the world’s best pizza, Mondo Arancina.

 The strange Goethe statue on Corso d’Italia in Borghese Gardens

 Piazza del Popolo

 Piazza della Repubblica
 Senatus Populusque Romanus

I suppose its fitting to end where it all began, Santa Maria in Trestevere.

Switzerland Prelim (as of 11.06.25)

I’ve recently returned from venturing around Switzerland.  An amazing adventure and unbelievably beautiful country, I’ve got a couple weeks of scanning film ahead of me, so figured I’d at least share some silly iPhone pics in the meantime.

After 5 days in St. Moritz, I took a nice 1.500 km roadtrip.  Exhausting, but well worth it.  
 Swans enjoying the view at Rhinefall.  
 Sunflowers as far as the eye could see, my own little slice of heaven.
 My traveling companions at Rhinefall, fortunately I brought 4, since only 2 survived the adventure.  
 View from Diavolezza.
 A helicopter ride to the top of the world. 
 The lovely rolling hills of Appenzell and vast meadows near Sils. 
 Gotta love the Germany freeway, a tunnel at 240 kph.  I know I probably shouldn’t be shooting at top speed…
 The Furkapass, from Andermatt to Interlaken.  
Village right out of Heidi, Latsch in Graubunden. 
 The valley near Interlaken and Murren.
 The quick brown fox…
 Shame he didn’t have metal plating prior to his death, perhaps his head wouldn’t be on a rack.  
 Good spot for a hot tub.
So still have 1000’s of shots to go through, acres of film to scan, so here’s a slice of what’s to come, check back soon!

The Valley Isle Pt. 2

Maui By Night
The Caves at Waianapanapa (aka my morning shower)
The Lahaina Docks
 Jupiter Trail over Lanai
 A Waianapanapa Sunrise
 A Lahaina Sunrise
And of course, the Hipstamatic pics…
Veins and Valleys
Poor Fathead
Avo, Me & Mika
David doing what he does best.
Pam’s new accessory.
On location, Lower Nahiku and the Honokolani Hale
Jordie at Upper Hanawi
The Falls and EMI road at Wailuaiki
Flying Low
Some closeups from the panaroma…