In The Loupe

While recently in Hawaii again, began a fun little project.  Using the iPhone4’s Hipstamatic app, 
whenever a little critter would wander across my desk, I’d get them under the loupe and 
capture their closeup, using backgrounds from a variety of places; Life magazines from the 40’s, 
phonebooks, and whatever attractive textures I could find.  It was pretty amazing to get so 
close to these creatures: to see the tiny gecko’s lungs fill with air, the praying mantis meticulously 
groom herself, every eye of the banana spider as it spooled its silk. Even the common cockroach
 was a fasinating creature when I took the time to see the small details we’d usually prefer just to squash. 

St. Moritz Art Masters

                                                                               images courtesy thomas koenig –

 I’ve been blessed with a great honor, bestowed upon me by the Maybach Foundation and David Lachapelle. He will act as my mentor over the next year, and help me lay the foundation for a successful career.  I will also produce a series of work reinterpreting the theme “Exposure of Luxury”, the title, most recently, of a beautiful photograph by David, inspired by Maybach (and pictured above). My infinite gratitude and deepest appreciation to both.  Anyway, I like my blog a bit more visual, so I’ll quiet down and leave the details to the professionals, if you’d care to read on, click the above pics for links press. Otherwise, enjoy the images!