the Wanderer

As mentioned in Dr. Wolf’s essay in my previous post, Caspar David Friedrich has been a big influence on my work lately.  I’ve been shooting a series of self-portraits (mostly) entitled “the Wanderer”, inspired by many of his Romantic landscapes, below is a slice from that series.  Apologies if you’ve seem some of these in my recent European posts, but I was of course exponentially inspired while roaming around Friedrich’s homeland.  Thanks to Magdalene, Wes and Tiffany in help in creating some of these.  Enjoy!


Mercedes Benz Centre of Excellence – Stuttgart, Germany (as of 11.09.10)

Images from a recent exhibition of mine housed at the Mercedes Benz Centre of Excellence in Stuttgart, Germany.  

It’s been an amazing year working with the Maybach Foundation, and what a fantastic send off this event was.  Above I can show the exhibition and event, what I can’t show is AMG’s on the test track at 300 km/h, the auto-simulator the size of a football field, or the warmth and conversation with a wonderful crowd.  My thanks to Uli-Schmidt-Maybach and Pat Brody for the opportunity and guidance.  My gratitude to Patrick Marinoff and everyone at the Maybach brand for the invitation and hosting such a wonderful event.  My appreciation to David LaChapelle, Fred Torres and Patrick Toolan for their counsel and support, as well as Reiner Opoku and Sylvie Blum for their wisdom. Thanks as well to Muriel, Sabine, Alex, Daphne, Anne and the rest of ECD for making it all happen.  Thanks for Thomas Koenig ( for covering the event, all images his © 2011.  

Euro Trippin’ Round 1

A month on the road, 14.000 km covered through 7 countries, $4000 damage to the rental car and 50 rolls of film later, I present the first batch of 6X6 scans from my recent wanderings though Europe.  Just a few of the highlights from a wonderful adventure, check back soon as more detailed posts of specific regions will shortly follow!

A shipwreck in Peloponessos, Greece
  The Seine in misc. towns, France
 Mossy forest over Innsbruck, Austria
 Mossy falls near Karlsruhe, Germany
 ‘The Wave’ – River surfing in Munich
 Mont Saint-Michel, France
 Back in Gythio, Greece
 Forests surrounding Stuttgart, Germany
 Eastern shore of Italy, near Bari if memory serves me
These structures were dotting the northern coast of Lefkada, Greece
Ruins above Garmisch, Germany
 Castle of Brest, France
 Just a strange rotting condo complex in the middle of nowhere, Italy
The monasteries and nunneries of Meteora, Greece
 Lago di Garda, northern Italy
The Rialto, Venezia 
 Windmills near Rotterdam, Netherlands
 A fallen forest of birch in the Netherlands
Vineyards near Roverto, Italy 

Switzerland Prelim (as of 11.06.25)

I’ve recently returned from venturing around Switzerland.  An amazing adventure and unbelievably beautiful country, I’ve got a couple weeks of scanning film ahead of me, so figured I’d at least share some silly iPhone pics in the meantime.

After 5 days in St. Moritz, I took a nice 1.500 km roadtrip.  Exhausting, but well worth it.  
 Swans enjoying the view at Rhinefall.  
 Sunflowers as far as the eye could see, my own little slice of heaven.
 My traveling companions at Rhinefall, fortunately I brought 4, since only 2 survived the adventure.  
 View from Diavolezza.
 A helicopter ride to the top of the world. 
 The lovely rolling hills of Appenzell and vast meadows near Sils. 
 Gotta love the Germany freeway, a tunnel at 240 kph.  I know I probably shouldn’t be shooting at top speed…
 The Furkapass, from Andermatt to Interlaken.  
Village right out of Heidi, Latsch in Graubunden. 
 The valley near Interlaken and Murren.
 The quick brown fox…
 Shame he didn’t have metal plating prior to his death, perhaps his head wouldn’t be on a rack.  
 Good spot for a hot tub.
So still have 1000’s of shots to go through, acres of film to scan, so here’s a slice of what’s to come, check back soon!

LA Art Show – Opening Night Expo @ Ritz Carlton Residence


A taped conversation between David LaChapelle and myself, running in the media room adjacent the exhibition. Thanks to David for the kinds words and support (and sitting through the interview), and to George Evan and Jon Ryan for putting at all together.  

 Avo, Myself & Sonja at Fairey / Cartier-Bresson Exhibit

One last mug shot and some well earned rest.  A special thank you to everybody who made such a wonderful evening possible!