Mossy Lava Fields of the Eldhraun

From the moss covered lava fields in the Eldhraun area in Iceland, also some from the western peninsula near Breidabólsstadur.  A land carpeted in clouds and green pillows, air hisses as it escapes the moss underfoot.  This was one of the most fun and fantastic landscapes I’ve ever encountered.


The Blue Lagoon, Church Mountain and the original Geysir

A collection of images from around some of Iceland’s biggest tourist destinations.  The Blue Lagoon, a spa and pools filled with mineral rich runoff from the geothermal plant, Svartsengi.  Kirkjufell, Icelandic for Church Mountain for obviously reasons and from Geysir, the original namesake of geysers worldwide (although the images below are of Strokkur, an adjacent geyser which routinely erupts in heights up to 100 ft!)  The actual Geysir is infrequent, and may often go dormant for years at a time.  I visited this spot three times trying to get the right light, and over those days never once saw it erupt.  But fortunately, Strokkur goes off every 15 minutes or so I had plenty of action to capture…