Foss for Days

I’ve posted a few segments devoted to Iceland’s legendary falls (or foss).  What was even more amazing were some of the throwaway falls pictured below, many not even bothered by a name, which were still world class in the their own right.  


Dynjandi and Dettifoss

Two of the most epic falls in Iceland:  Dettifoss is Europe’s biggest waterfall, while Dynjandi has more tiers and trickles than any fall I’ve ever seen, covering nearly an entire mountainside.  It may look peaceful where I’m standing, I was drenched head to toe by the time I made it up there.  And even shooting on a 200mm more than 100 ft from the falls, I had to run back and dry off my lens after every take, but easily worth it in my opinion.  

Rainforest Alliance – need your help!

I need your help!!  I’m in the running for a contest hosted by the Rainfort Alliance, the prizes being a trip to Costa Rico or an underwater camera, so would love your support!  Please visit and vote on your favorites. If mine happen to be your favorite, even better!  Ps.  I’ve got 4 images in the fight….

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Many thanks!!!!

Deutschland (as.of.11.09.17)

 Love the Autobahn, I would have taken a pic when I hit 250, but that didn’t seem safe.
 Wait, I went to Oktoberfest?  I don’t remember that.
 My hotel on left, my office on the right.
 Wild mustard, unmistakable in the air.
Butterfly with peace signs on its back, battalus pacifist.  
 “The Wave”, river surfing in Munich.
 At the Mercedes secret test facility, shhh…
Yeah, they’re Carl Zeiss headlights…
Good Night.