Glacial Trekking

A collection of images taken from glaciers all over Iceland.  The majority are from the Vatnajökull area (including Breidamerkur, Svinafell and Skaftafell), but I also explored around Myrdals, Snæfells and Eyjafjallajökull.  



Ice Cave Collection

Definitely some of the most trecherous terrain I’ve ever braved to get the shot, but well worth it!  Such surreal experience wandering around these shifting, swirling caves to the heart of the glaciers.  Below is a collection from inside 7

Glacial Lagoons – Jokulsárlón and Fjallsárlón

A collection of images from the glacial outlet lagoons on Iceland’s southside, where calving faces of the Vatnajokull glaciers dump their ice into the ocean.  Although it looks like a frozen landscape, it is ever changing, with the light and land looking drastically every time I visited.  I love sitting around here at night, watching auroras dance over head and sounds loud as thundering from icebergs rolling and crashing into one another.  This place has been on my bucket list since childhood, but its still on there because I’m going to have to go back!

Winds so strong you could stand at a 45 degree angle to the ground!  
Ice arches under the green glow of an overcast aurora.
Ice swirling around as the tides come in.
Volcano’s glow high up on the ice shelf.  

Winter Is Coming

This post is all about putting the ice in Iceland.  Never have I seen such crazy snowstorms in all my life.  While in the north near Akureyri, I got caught in a blizzard and was stuck in whiteout conditions for days.  While most of the first day was spent digging my car out of a ditch i9 careened into, I braved the cold and managed to make the most of it.  After the storms had passed, it was a whole new world, where what had been verdant hills days ago was now white stretching to the horizon.  Glad I brought my snow shoes, because a few times when I went out without them I ended up buried chest deep after falling through snow banks.  Anyway, it was brutal out there, so I hope you enjoy!  

Dynjandi and Dettifoss

Two of the most epic falls in Iceland:  Dettifoss is Europe’s biggest waterfall, while Dynjandi has more tiers and trickles than any fall I’ve ever seen, covering nearly an entire mountainside.  It may look peaceful where I’m standing, I was drenched head to toe by the time I made it up there.  And even shooting on a 200mm more than 100 ft from the falls, I had to run back and dry off my lens after every take, but easily worth it in my opinion.  

Breiðamerkursandur (Iceland’s Iciest Beach)

Breiðamerkursandur is the sandy shores on which icebergs from Jökulsárlón wash up on, and it is frigid!  Got in a few times to get the right angle on some ice, and after 5 minutes in it took 5 hour just for my feet to feel right again!  Nevertheless, a magical place where the light and landscape changes all the time.

Roadtrippin’ USA – Part 2

 Sunrise at the Gypsum plant
 Crazy ice climbing in southwest Colorado
 Aspens near Aspen, Co
My lovely partner in crime, Miss Shayla Beesley
A frozen sunrise 
Moonrise at sunrise, Gypsum, Co
 A refinery outside New Orleans
 Hot spring sunrise, southwest Colorado
 On thin ice.  Took the picture then ran for my life!
 Near Vail, Co
 Abandoned Six Flags, New Orleans
Glamorous gas station, somewhere in Texas 
 Stuck in the mud, San Antonio, Texas
Impressive engineering, Fort Worth, Texas