Jasper in January

Jasper is one of the coolest little towns I’ve ever seen, nestled amongst some of the most amazing winter scenery I came across in my northern adventure.  I followed around some docile elk for an afternoon, hiked around a frozen canyon with a river rushing beneath the ice, amazing aurora shows over imposing peaks.  Truly a wonder place to visit in winter, I can’t recommend it enough.

A lovely frozen scene as Maligne River exits the canyon.
Roosevelt Elk, casually grazing and fortunately not mating season, they were super docile and relaxed and I trailed them for hours without them ever giving a care.
Auroras over Pyramid Island.
Pyramid Mountain rises high over Jasper town.
5th bridge over Maligne Canyon, off to the wilderness!
A world famous ice climber’s playground in Maligne Canyon, with dozens of frozen waterfalls dotting the route.
Nature putting on quite a show.
Another of Maligne’s frozen falls.
I love that little slice of light before the sun has taken over.
The impressive range running north of Jasper town, as seen from Indian Peak.
I could spend weeks watching the light and clouds play in these ranges.
A big bull takes a break from sweeping snow to get to the grasses, I can only presume to take in the scenery as I was.



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